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Everyone enjoys a little fresh air.

Customer Comments

At Fresh Air Sash Cord Repair, our goal is to provide outstanding client service. Read what some of our satisfied clients say about us.

Many thanks for the great job on the windows. I’m still opening and closing them just for the joy of it.

Louise L., Richmond Neighborhood, SE Portland

This project has been such a delight. We have lived here for nearly four years with heavy dangerous windows that don’t work, sashes that sagged at the top leaving us exposed to the elements, and several windows that didn’t open no matter what we tried. Your crew was so fast and so clean and so pleasant that this project has been a complete joy and has exceeded every single expectation I had. Being able to safely and easily open and close both sashes has been utterly delightful. And my kids can now safely open their own windows themselves. I now have all the beauty of historic windows with all the convenience of efficiently working windows. How amazing! Best money I’ve ever spent on my house!

Sarah V., Hosford-Abernethy neighborhood, SE Portland.

The window repair and renewal is remarkable. The sashes operate smoothly and effortlessly – better than ever before in my 20-year residency here. But what particularly impresses me is that the “collateral damage” to the trim etc. is essentially non-existent. I truly would not have thought this possible – it would take a careful eye to detect that anything had been disassembled at all. Equally undetectable is that anyone was working in our kitchen today, so clean and neat were things left at the end. Major kudos to your team for this excellent work!

David B., Richmond neighborhood, SE Portland

Thanks Patty, the crew did a great job.

Ted G., Eastmoreland neighborhood, SE Portland.

I have a 1935 Cape Cod home with windows that either didn’t open or required a stick to keep them pried up. I had a couple upstairs windows replaced but never liked the look of them plus they had continuous problems with leaks.

I found Fresh Sash through google and decided to have all my first floor windows repaired. Even though they were scheduled out several months, the wait was worth it and the results were spectacular. I wished I had done it many years ago. Patty was responsive and walked me through what to expect. The team was prompt every day, worked quickly and from their laughter seemed to enjoy what they were doing. They left each space immaculate at the end of each day. My windows are fantastic. I didn’t even know the top windows could move down as well as the lower up. I keep opening and closing them. It has been so great to have natural airflow throughout the house. I highly recommend Fresh Air Sash Cord Repair.

Annetta Y., Rose City Park neighborhood, NE Portland

Patty Spencer takes pride in her profession restoring windows in older homes. She is fastidious, detail oriented, and provides excellent customer service. Her staff were professional and lovely to work with. Patty monitored and inspected all of their work. She Is clearly a master in her trade – her work and her employees reflect as much. Our outcome was better than we could’ve expected. There is no one better in this business.

Leah and John B., South Burlingame Neighborhood, SW Portland

Good morning Patty! Just wanted to let you know we love our windows. What a joy to wake up and let the house (at least the NW corner) breathe a little! Thank you to you and the crew.

Stacey K., Creston-Kenilworth Neighborhood, SE Portland

Thanks Patty and Crew! The windows look great. Our room is quieter and warmer. Thanks for making the process so effortless for us. Warmly,

Laurel and Tim M., Beaumont-Wilshire Neighborhood, NE Portland

Oh my gosh, I’m so thrilled with the windows! I feel like your team closed the door, worked some Hogwart’s magic, and when they threw the door open again, everything was perfect. It’s really amazing to have those absolutely gorgeous, historic windows operating like they’re brand-new. It is the most lovely feeling to have preserved and restored them to function as they were intended, vs. replacing them with modern [windows]. Thank you, thank you.

Nancy B., Grant Park Neighborhood, NE Portland

The windows look fabulous. They are like brand new. The process was wonderful, the people were nice and I just can’t say enough good things. Thank you very much.

Phil J., Kings Heights Neighborhood, NW Portland

Patty and her crew just finished bringing new life to 13 original windows in our 1905 Transitional Victorian. We are thoroughly impressed and happy with the exceptional quality of work and experience! Patty was upfront with all work and costs. Communication was provided on a daily basis on the status and progress. The crew was very friendly and extremely respectful of the house. They even let our cats out of the basement and dog in after work was completed for the day! We could not be any happier with our experience and results!

Sergio and Heather F., Kerns Neighborhood, SE Portland

Very professional with great communication and setting reasonable expectations. Patty and the work crew were very thorough with prepping and cleaning up after the work was done. Best of all, we now have fully working vintage windows, knowing that it was repaired the right way.

Michael C., Creston-Kenilworth Neighborhood, SE Portland

I am so impressed by the professionalism of this small company and with the quality of its work.
Before starting work on 17 windows in my 1923 bungalow, Patty Spencer gave me a detailed description of the work, including a precise timeline of what to expect every day. I could have set my watch based on the crew’s arrival time, and they left the rooms spotlessly clean at the end of each day.
And what a thrill to be able to open so many windows, top and bottom. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Claire L., Irvington Neighborhood, NE Portland

When one lives in a house built in 1924, one gets to use and know a lot of different contractors and we will say that Patty Spencer and her team at Fresh Air are among the best – they are conscientious, courteous, great communicators and do a great job. We would use them again in a heartbeat.

Peter and Penny S. – Kings Heights Neighborhood, NW Portland

We have beautiful original windows our 1890 Victorian, but they were some degree of jammed, lead-covered or inoperable. Patty rehabbed 7 double-hung windows, making our entire upstairs much more comfortable and easier to cool and ventilate. She took great care to provide protection from old lead-based paint and left us with fully functional windows that we didn’t even know were possible to have again. I’ve recommended her to friends and will continue to recommend Fresh Air Sash Cord Repair as a company that is a true partner in taking care of these old windows.

Heather K. – Sellwood Neighborhood, SE Portland

Thank you so much! This was such an easy/great experience. We really enjoyed working with you all!

Amelia W. and Trevor R. – Piedmont Neighborhood, NE Portland

Still enjoying being able to raise and lower the windows without having to be The Hulk!

Alisan P. – Irvington Neighborhood, NE Portland

I love being able to open my windows during all this glorious weather. They work perfectly. Thanks again!

Cary H. – Irvington Neighborhood, NE Portland

I really appreciate all your efforts. Contractors like you make the remodeling experience worthwhile. It’s obvious and so refreshing that you care about and take pride in your work.

Lacy H. – Green Hills Neighborhood, SW Portland

On a double hung window, both top and bottom sash were built to open. We can make that happen again.

Thanks again for making our beautiful windows functional again – we both really appreciate it.

Valerie T. – Hollywood Neighborhood, NE Portland

Thank you! My wife told me this morning that she really appreciates the ease of opening the windows and that she didn’t realize how much she would like it. I feel the same. As the one of the two of us pushing to have the windows done, I was pleased.

Andrew F. – Hollywood Neighborhood, NE Portland

Sitting happily by an open window with fresh air pouring in! Love it! Thanks so much!

Cynthia N. – Alameda Neighborhood, NE Portland

The windows look great and function so smoothly.

Julie L. – Irvington Neighborhood, NE Portland

… thanks again for all your work. The upstairs windows are like new!

John W. – Colonial Heights Neighborhood, SE Portland

Last week on one of the hot evenings we were sitting inside and a breeze went through our room and [my husband] acknowledged that having functional windows was amazing. Thank you!

Abby I. – Laurelhurst Neighborhood, NE Portland

I really appreciate the fact that you agreed to do our job and I admire your thoughtful approach and that you keep safety first! It is such a pleasure to deal with a real professional!

Steve C. – Southwest Hills Neighborhood, SW Portland

Just wanted to say what a thrill I get opening our new and improved windows. So quiet and effortless. Makes me smile and I’ll be thanking you for years to come.

Jill P. – Alameda Neighborhood, NE Portland

Patty you did such a fantastic job! Thank you! As I write this, I am enjoying a lovely breeze without the use of my college Chaucer anthology.

Janet J. – Laurelhurst Neighborhood, NE Portland

Thank you again for rejuvenating our windows! We are truly delighted with the results of your hard work and fine craftsmanship.

Richard H. & Karen D. – Rose City Park Neighborhood,
NE Portland

I spent last night cooking with the windows open purely on principle!

Annie K. – Rose City Park Neighborhood, NE Portland

Patty … came to the rescue on our 101 year old house. We had one large window with a broken rope and the other right next to it was probably painted shut for 50 years or more with many coats of exterior paint. Not only did Patty do a fantastic job but there was nothing to clean up. I highly recommend Patty to anyone with old wood windows.

Bruce F. – Alameda Neighborhood, NE Portland

You did three of our windows several years ago and that topic came up lately with a new neighbor. She loved hearing about you from us. Your fine work and lovely manner brought back good memories.

I went to your website, something I hadn’t seen before and am happy to see how well you’re doing with your business. Deserved, impressive and a reminder of how good it feels to see conscientious attention and terrific craftsmanship.

So, congratulations and good wishes! It was a pleasure to have had your help.

Sandy W. – Eastmoreland Neighborhood, SE Portland

Thanks again for your beautiful work and friendliness.

Carol K. – Irvington Neighborhood, NE Portland

The windows look great. You can’t even tell that they’ve been dismantled and I looked pretty close.

Mark W. – Laurelhurst Neighborhood, NE Portland

My painter showed up yesterday to do the touch up on the windows and a few other things. He was very impressed with your work. It was clear to him that you had to remove the moldings and he marveled at how little damage there was to the walls and paint. He asked for your name for referrals to others.

Joan P. – Sellwood Neighborhood, SE Portland

It is such a lovely morning- and so much more so to have fresh air while I enjoy the coffee and newspaper! Thank you for the improvement….

Kelly F. – Laurelhurst Neighborhood, NE Portland

I am so thrilled to have my windows working so well, and to keep the windows that are original to the house – good, solid, sturdy windows that all open from the top and the bottom! Thanks too for leaving everything so neat. When you left, it was hard to tell you’d been here except for the fact that my windows opened and stayed that way without a block of wood!! Hooray!!! (edited for brevity)

Molly B. – Concordia Neighborhood, NE Portland

Thanks, the windows are amazing. I can already hear that it is quieter in the room, and much of the draft is gone. So, my expectations are met.

Mary H. – Irvington Neighborhood, NE Portland

So this is how they’re supposed to work!

Steve, Mary’s husband

Thanks again for the excellent work you did on our windows. It feels good to know they now all work as they should, and having fresh air in every room helps us to enjoy our new house to the fullest.

Mary Anne E. – Mt. Tabor Neighborhood, SE Portland

I just wanted you to know that the first warm day of the year was so much more bearable than usual because we could open our windows! Thank you!!!

Erin S. – Concordia Neighborhood, NE Portland

Thanks for the terrific job you did on our windows. They’re such a pleasure to open and close now! So glad you were able to come out earlier than we’d scheduled – just in time for the lovely spring breezes!

Jennifer F. – NE Portland

Thank you for your kind, generous and expeditious service.

Jim R. – NE Portland

I really value the way you worked with us, how you worked around an impossible snow storm, were extremely sensitive to when we had kids in the house and how detailed and professional you guys are. Also the fact that you did as much work as you did and still came in under budget was simply fantastic.

Geoff K. – NE Portland

Oooh, I LIKE it!

Ivy, Geoff’s toddler
Everyone enjoys a little fresh air.

Everyone enjoys a little fresh air.

Patty Spencer of Fresh Air Sash Cord Repair was a “life-saver” for us.  She fixed 14 of our old, non-functioning windows in our 1929 English Cottage Portland home and restored them all to their original condition.  They now all have new sash cords and slide up and down smoothly, as though they were brand new like they were back in 1929.  We are VERY happy and receive lots of nice comments about them from friends and family.  Thanks, Patty!!!

Peter O. – NE Portland

We bought a 1923 home in Laurelhurst with the goal of restoring it to its original state. Much of the work involved stripping layers of paint from base, picture and window trim. Patty has been an invaluable help in our work. She was able to free our double-hung windows from their prisons of paint. After we stripped and stained the windows, frames and sills, Patty reinstalled the windows, tying them to the weights. Our windows, top and bottom, now lift with the touch of a finger. Patty worked efficiently and left our home spotless after each visit. We felt comfortable with Patty in our home and trusted her with our project. We could not have accomplished what we have without her expertise and help.

Jean P.M. – Laurelhurst Neighborhood, NE Portland

It doesn’t even look like you were in there.  It’s amazing!

Caitlin P. – NE Portland

After 9 years away, it was time to return home to Portland.  Before coming back home I bought a 1910 house in North Portland.  The original windows were in desperate need of work. Cords cut, dry rot, weights out of balance, windows sealed shut by decades of paint!  I was determined to restore rather than replace.

I met Patty during a brief trip to Portland, and identified every problem we wanted to resolve. She and I worked long distance by phone.  My renters thought she was wonderful, and I do too. She’ll answer all your questions.

Kim S. – North Portland

Thank you so much for repairing our windows and making them work so effortlessly!

Rebecca E. – SE Portland
On a double hung window, both top and bottom sash were built to open. We can make that happen again.